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“There was a moment of tension”

Although the trial against Daniel Sancho for the alleged murder of Edwin Arrieta in Thailand has come to an end this week, many journalists sent to that country to follow the news of the trial are still there. That is the case of the reporter Party José Ángel Leiraswho hoped to do a special report this weekend with Carmen Balfagon, spokesperson for Daniel Sancho’s family and collaborator of the Telecinco program. However, the journalist has lived there an unpleasant moment with Balfagón and the actor Rodolfo Sanchoas explained this Saturday to the presenter, Emma García.

According to the reporter, in addition to gathering information about the case of Daniel Sancho, the team Party He also wanted to take advantage of his stay in Thailand to record other reports about tourism in this very fashionable country in Southeast Asia.

It was while recording on a beach that the journalist met Carmen Balfagón and Rodolfo Sancho. “I was recording in a swimsuit, with a sleeveless shirt, and we approached a massage center. I was recording a sequence and, at that moment, with the camera on, I heard ‘Leiras, what are you doing, why are you recording’. I look and see that Rodolfo Sancho was there, who turns around and turns his back on me, angry, and Carmen Balfagón, the spokesperson, comes towards me to tell me not to record and asking me for explanations,” he said.

Silvia Bronchalo arrives at the Samui court.

Seeing Balfagón’s anger, the reporter justified himself. “With what I look like, in a swimsuit, I am neither looking for Rodolfo nor am I recording anything about the trial“What I’m doing is a report on tourism,” Leiras explained to the spokesperson for Daniel Sancho’s family.

The reasoning did not convince Carmen Balfagón, who insisted on asking him if he had permission to record. “Because you can’t record here, why are you recording here?“, the reporter recalled the spokesperson telling him, indignantly.

The journalist continued trying to calm Balfagón by assuring him that they were not going after Rodolfo Sancho: “I already know that Rodolfo speaks only for a platform, for a huge amount of money, and He’s not going to tell us anything“We are not coming after Rodolfo,” he stressed.

According to Leiras, “there was a moment of tension“, which has been portrayed in a small fragment of the meeting between the journalist with Rodolfo Sancho and Carmen Balfagón.

The presenter of Party, Emma García, has been “displeased” by Carmen Balfagón’s reaction, since she is a collaborator on the program. “We have a very good relationship“I’m surprised that he didn’t speak calmly and wouldn’t have trusted that we’re not going to go to Rodolfo Sancho, because we have to respect him,” García said.

Furthermore, the reporter has shown himself upset because they had agreed to have a live interview with her for this Saturday’s program, but the spokesperson delayed her and set a time for which it was impossible to be interviewed live. “Nothing that happened makes sense“I don’t understand it, I have always had a very close relationship with Carmen, but the disappointment remains for me,” Leiras lamented.

The journalist has confessed that he feels disappointed with Balfagón, since “one of the reasons why we came to Thailand is that we had an interview scheduled with Carmen Balfagón after finishing the trial sessions”.

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