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The very expensive and useless teletext of Irene Montero

A few days ago I downloaded the MeToca application from the Ministry of Equality, which belongs to the “Coresponsables” program and which defends the interesting idea of ​​sharing household chores between family members or, as they say, the unity of coexistence. The app is accompanied by a well-intentioned ad in which a father does everything, the children put on the washing machines and clean the bathrooms while the mother reads and does yoga.

I have to say that the result in quality and price is disastrous. I also have to say that it is shameful that an application like this has cost more than two hundred thousand euros of public money. I read reviews from usability experts and they all say the same thing: it is a limited application, not very intuitive and with the same functionalities as a paper notebook. Design experts also do not speak well of the convenience of a design inspired by arcade games, although the idea of ​​Tetris fitting in makes sense within the proposal. The company that did it could give some explanation, but it won’t. I’ve seen your website and I have an idea of ​​how things work.

The result does not work. It looks like teletext. It conveys slowness, staleness and clumsiness, when it should do the opposite.. It is not even close to the level of the applications we use every day. It doesn’t seem to make much sense that after picking up the kid from soccer or putting on a washing machine, you’re going to be worried about writing it down in the app. One tends to think that all these things are done for love and love does not keep many accounts. This application could perhaps be used to achieve balance in student apartments, in shared apartments or for a reversible nineteenth-century ogre – if they exist – to use the application for two or three days and understand that you can no longer live at home without giving a stick to the water.

It takes a very clear need, a perfect solution, a lot of technology and efficient monitoring to make an application interesting.

Not all the problems of the 21st century are solved with an application. What’s more, applications go through a very strict selection funnel and few manage to stay on our mobile phones. It takes a very clear need, a perfect solution, a lot of technology and efficient monitoring for an application to be interesting. None of this seems to be present in the case of MeToca, which is a rocket that is launched into the air on the day of the press conference and that goes boom. A very expensive boom and we all paid for it. Then purple confetti falls that serves no purpose. The note of the application in the download spaces is ridiculous and, although some related media maintain that it is a legion of trolls, it is enough to read fifty sensible comments to realize that the idea needs a lot of cooking.

I read the contract document and see on page twenty-five that it also talks about a web portal. For now, we don’t know what the situation has become, but we can fear the worst. The head of the Ministry advances like Attila for Spanish democracy. Proudly ignorant, messianic, false solver of other people’s vital problems, killer of flies with cannons and an elephant that lives for rent in the china shop. He has everything, except the dignity to resign and, furthermore, it seems that he wants to be a bargaining chip in upcoming negotiations to form a government. The fault always lies with others. I have to say that this is a shame and a joke.

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