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The Super Bowl empties the cinemas in the US. This has been the lousy box office of the weekend

Last weekend the box office in American cinemas obtained some that seemed more typical of more than thirty years ago, of the late 80s, than of today, and this taking into account the figures from then without adjusting for inflation. It is estimated that among all the premieres in theaters a total of just over 40 million dollars would have been receivedaccording to data collected The Hollywood Reporter. And, to get an idea, you only need to take a look at the highest-grossing title, the action-espionage comedy Argylle directed by Matthew Vaughn and that was done with just 6.5 million in its second weekend.

It is true that usually the Super Bowl, which took place on Sunday, February 11, It is the event that manages to capture practically all the public’s attention during these days, more interested in continuing the preparations than in going to the big theaters, and for this reason it is also considered a black weekend for cinemas. Nevertheless, It is without a doubt the worst collection record in history on a weekend with the grand final of the American football championship in contention.

It wasn’t exactly a weekend with big premieres either. The most relevant was the teenage horror black comedy Lisa Frankenstein directed by Zelda Williams and that could only be second with 3.8 million dollars. For the rest, the billboard is still nourished by releases from several weeks ago, such as Beekeeper: The protector with Jason Stathamthird with 3.4 million in its fifth weekend, and of films that arrived during last Christmas, case of Wonkafifth with 3.1 million, the animated feature film Migration. A trip upside downsixth with 3 million, or the romantic comedy Anyone but youseventh with 2.7 million in its eighth weekend of exhibition.

After these catastrophic figures, hopes are pinned on the batch of releases that arrive this coming Wednesday, February 14, Valentine’s Daywith Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson or the biopic Bob Marley: One Love. Although to have a practically certain blockbuster we will still have to wait until March 1, the date on which it will be released. Dune: Part Two by Denis Villeneuve.

And, incidentally, the very weak collections of the weekend The disappointing commercial race has even worsened of the blockbuster Argyllewith a stellar cast led by Bryce Dallas Howard and Henry Cavill, in which Apple Original Films had invested at least $200 million for its production. The weekend of its debut it was only able to amass 17.4 million dollars and, in its second weekend, Its collection has decreased by almost 63 percent. In a week and a half, it has accumulated 28.8 million in the United States and a total of 60.1 globally.

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