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The serious gesture of the national team players after leaving the hotel and heading to Valencia

The controversial call for Montse Tomé has made all the selected players go to the concentration against their will to avoid sanctions that could even keep them off the playing fields.

That concentration, started this Tuesday, has done so with another embarrassing episode, marked by uncertainty, disorder and two meeting points for the players, something totally unusual in the national team.

Misa Rodríguez upon her arrival at the Spanish team's concentration in Madrid.

The entire technical staff, led by Montse Tomé, traveled to the Tryp Alameda Aeropuerto Hotel in Madrid and Real Madrid players Misa Rodriguez, Olga CarmonaOihane Hernández, Tere Abelleira and Athenea del Castillo. In addition, Eva Navarro, from Atlético de Madrid, also attended.

From there, they have been transferred to Oliva (Valencia), where the concentration will finally take place. after a change of plans by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Well, initially it was going to be in Las Rozas (Madrid).

When leaving the Madrid hotel, all those players, with the exception of Athenea del Castillo, who already announced a few days ago that she would attend, They have shown a more than serious face when getting on the bus to go to Oliva. His face makes it clear once again that they are concentrated without meaning to, as she has already stated. Misa Rodríguez, who has been very forceful before the press.

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