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The Secretary of State for Equality, on greeting women with two kisses: "We have been kissed without our consent."

Ángela Rodríguez, ‘Pam’, Secretary of State for Equality against Gender Violence, has returned to argue with his assessment of the tradition of giving a woman two kisses when you are introduced and that he has compared to the handshake that men give each other.

The acting secretary of state has defended in a talk show on YouTube that this custom must be questioned because “It is part of the sexual culture in which we have grown up, which is a culture of impunity and lack of consent”.

“Since you are little, when it comes that brother of your weird father’s friend who tells you, give him two kisses, and you say I don’t want to give him two kisses, and instead you give them two,” the politician explained. She linked it to a “sexual” culture that women do not want to perpetuate.

The Secretary of State for Equality is no stranger to controversy In her statements, she recently called for more sex education and less mathematics in schools, claiming that she believes square roots They have been of no use to him in life.

Another previous one was sparked by his participation in a podcast in which he joked about reductions in sentences to sexual offenders of the ‘only yes means yes’ law.

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