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The Reason Why Bray Wyatt Isn’t Being Inducted Into This Year’s WWE Hall Of Fame Revealed

  • Bray Wyatt

    bray wyatt


    Brooksville, Florida, USA

    Windham Lawrence Rotunda

    6 feet 3 inches

    285 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WWE Championship, Universal Championship (x2), Raw Tag Team Championship, SmackDown Tag Team Championship

    Sister Abigail


    Notable Allies:
    randy orton, matt hardy

    Notable Rivals:
    randy orton, John Cena, Bryan Danielson, seth rollins


    Current Promotion:


    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:

    Bo Dallas


  • Bray Wyatt not in WWE Hall of Fame this year; family still grieving after his tragic passing.
  • Mike Rotunda reveals WWE delayed induction due to stress on family, chose documentary instead.
  • WWE showed support for Wyatt’s family; Bray Wyatt may get Hall of Fame recognition next year.

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame class looks to be complete, with Paul Heyman, Bull Nakano, The U.S. Express, Muhammad Ali, and Thunderbolt Patterson being inducted before WrestleMania 40. One name that seemed a certainty to go in this year is absent, as the late Bray Wyatt, who tragically passed away last year, has not been announced. Instead, WWE has chosen to remember Wyatt for now with a documentary narrated by the Undertaker, Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal, which will be released on Peacock on April 1. But why isn’t the man behind the Fiend going in now?

In an interview with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, Mike Rotunda, the father of Bray Wyatt, and one half of The U.S. Express along with Barry Windham, revealed the reasoning behind leaving his son, Windham Rotunda, out this year. He said:

“With Windham passing, I thought they were gonna immediately put Windham into the Hall of Fame, which he will be in at some point. I think WWE reassessed stuff and thought it was too soon to go there with our family and the reactions and the stress on us. We got a call from WWE and [they] said Hunter wants to do a Zoom call. We were thinking they were gonna tell us what was gonna happen at WrestleMania and Hunter said, ‘You guys are gonna get inducted. You and Barry were a part of the first [WrestleMania] show.’ It’s very flattering obviously and actually less stressful on us because of all the stuff that we had to go through with Windham passing, just the mental capacity of it.” (h/t


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Mike Rotunda, who is best known for playing Irwin R. Schyster in WWE, spoke about how he quickly called Triple H when Bray died before the news got out, and how WWE, including stars like The Rock and The Undertaker, along with talent from AEW, were there for his family. He said the documentary for Bray happened because Triple H said they wanted to create something for his kids that they could watch twenty years from now and remember their father.

Though it’s disappointing that Bray Wyatt isn’t going into the Hall of Fame this year, it’s understandable why WWE would want to wait. The wounds are obviously still fresh, and the family is still grieving, so to expect them to fly across the country, stand in front of thousands of people in a wrestling environment, and talk about their passed on family member is a lot of stress to put them through so soon. Hopefully, next year will see Bray Wyatt get his recognition. Still, you have to smile about Mike Rotunda getting a call from WWE about the Hall of Fame, only to be surprised that they were wanting to recognize him.

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