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The Real Life Story Behind Steve Austin & Bret Hart’s WrestleMania 13 Submission Match, Explained

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On March 23, 1997, WrestleMania 13 took place. The match card featured one of the greatest matches not only in WrestleMania history, but in WWE history as a whole. On that night, Bret “The Hitman” Hart took on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a submission match. Refereed by Ken Shamrock, it was violent, grueling, and bloody. Two of WWE’s very greatest went at it, and it was an instant classic. While Austin entered the heel and Hart the face, at the end of the night their roles were reversed. It was a successful double turn. The match was crafted spectacularly by “The Hitman” and “The Texas Rattlesnake” in order to create such a moment.


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Steve Austin And Bret Hart Worked Carefully To Craft Something Special At WrestleMania 13

In the build-up to the match there were a variety of different factors that had to be executed in order to pull off what the two did at WrestleMania 13. In order to execute what they did that night, the two worked closely together. They shared a lot of mutual respect for one another and trusted that they would be able to deliver something phenomenal and memorable for fans in the arena that night. They were careful with what they did, and the result continues to be hailed as an all-time great WrestleMania match.

One of the things that Hart and Austin focused on was the stipulation of the match being submissions only. This was interesting as Austin virtually never used submissions in the ring. His style was that of a brawler, the opposite of Hart’s technical abilities. In a Sports Illustrated interview, Hart expressed how difficult it was to plan the match without the use of pinfalls, saying “It was all submissions, so there was no one-two-kickout. Taking away the pin falls removed a lot of the element of suspense.” Instead, however, the two focused on creating a brutal and violent match that helped to showcase the strengths of both, such as Hart’s application of the Sharpshooter on the post and Austin taking the fight outside the ring.


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Another aspect of the match was the choice between the two to have Austin bleed during the match. Done without receiving permission, Hart convinced Austin that the element of blood added more to the watch. The finish had been decided by Vince McMahon that Austin was going to pass out from the Sharpshooter. When he discussed the match with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Austin said that Hart told him that he should bleed. The decision led to one of the most iconic images in professional wrestling.

The final element that was necessary for the match was the double turn. A double turn is when both competitors switch their established roles from being either a face or heel. Austin had been skeptical because he enjoyed being a heel. As Hart explained, “I remember him saying that we were switching places but that he wanted to stay a bad guy as long as possible. He liked being a bad guy.” Hart’s support for the switch was also done to help get Austin get over as a face. This decision was something that ended up being extremely successful, as at the end of the match Austin became a face.


Bret Hart Turns Heel And Steve Austin Becomes A Fan Favorite

The match was very brutal, beginning with a brawl and going in and out of the ring. A number of weapons were used throughout the match by both competitors. Eventually, Austin was busted open by “The Hitman“, but Austin never gave up throughout the match. It was a gutsy performance of endurance. Austin never looked weak, despite the fact that he did not have any submissions in his arsenal. Hart never looked out of his element and adapted to Austin’s brawling style.

At the end of the night, Hart put Austin into the Sharpshooter. Austin, with blood pouring down his face, never submitted. He never gave up. This was a star making performance for Austin. At the end, Hart had become the heel with fans booing him throughout the arena. Austin had become the face, with fans cheering for him and applauding him with respect.

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Austin and Hart have always shown respect for one another. It is Hart’s favorite match, calling it “the greatest song I ever sang.” The match is historic in the career of both, notably for helping the rise in popularity of Austin. It is remembered highly and fondly by fans as one of the greatest professional wrestling matches of all time. Austin and Hart’s work created wrestling perfection on that night.

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