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The Real-Life Heat Between Undertaker & Brock Lesnar, Explained

  • The Undertaker

    The Undertaker


    Houston, Texas, USA

    Mark William Calaway

    6 feet 10 inches

    299 lbs


    Championships Held:
    WWE Championship (x4), World Heavyweight Championship (x3), World Tag Team Championship (x6), WCW Tag Team Championship, WWE Hardcore Championship

    Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam, Last Ride, Hell’s Gate


    Notable Rivals:
    Triple H, Shawn Michaels, edge

    Current Promotion:


    Hair Color:
    Natural Hair Color: GingerDyed Black for majority of WWE career.

    Eye Color:


The Undertaker has arguably been the biggest rival of Brock Lesnar’s WWE career. From the beginning of their feud in 2002 where they fought inside Hell In A Cell to WrestleMania 30, they have a lot of history with one another. They have spilled blood and beaten each other on countless occasions. However, there was a period where the two had real-life beef with one another. It took place at UFC 121, where fans wondered where the interaction with the two heavyweights of WWE was going to take them. Let’s learn more about the feud between Lesnar and The Undertaker.

For the first few months of this initial run, Brock Lesnar ran amok over the WWE roster and nobody was able to put up any sort of meaningful resistance. He knocked out the Hardy Boys, bulldozed his way through the King of the Ring tournament, destroyed a legend in Hulk Hogan, and sent the Undisputed Champion, The Rock, to Hollywood. Within months, he was the Undisputed Champion, and he looked invincible almost all the way through.


The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar: 8 Things Most Fans Don’t Realize About Their Rivalry

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker had one of the best rivalries in WWE history, but there are some details that fans may have missed about their feud!

The one guy who got the upper hand over Lesnar was The Undertaker. After his title victory over The Rock, Undertaker was deemed the next number one contender and Lesnar met his match made in “The Deadman.” He was the first one to make Lesnar look somewhat mortal, and the behemoths had one hell of a program.

The Undertaker Passed The Torch To Brock Lesnar

“The Deadman” And “The Next Big Thing” Went To War In 2002

  • The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were rivals very early on.
  • They battled each other at Unforgiven 2002 and No Mercy 2002 in a Hell In A Cell.
  • They showed a lot of in-ring chemistry with each other.

The culmination came at No Mercy 2002, inside Hell in a Cell, and it was a complete bloodbath. Undertaker will always be considered one of Lesnar’s biggest rivals, and surprisingly, this rivalry bled over to real life as well. The two worked incredibly well inside the ring but outside the squared circle, Undertaker and Lesnar had personal differences for quite a while.

This was brought up by Lesnar in his autobiography, Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival. The Beast Incarnate listed Undertaker as one of his favorite wrestlers to work with, but he also mentioned that he had some personal differences with Mark Calaway. When Lesnar left the WWE in 2004, he ruffled some feathers.

Vince McMahon was obviously irate that the guy who he had booked as the next face of the company was leaving, and the that the past two years were now rendered meaningless. The Big Show was not happy with the abrupt departure as he had played a massive part in getting Lesnar over. The Undertaker, according to rumors from back then, felt the same way. Undertaker had passed the torch to Lesnar during the first feud and then Lesnar was out of the WWE.

Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker Had An Awkward Encounter After A UFC Event

The Two Had A Lot To Say To One Another

  • The Undertaker and Lesnar encountered each other at UFC 121.
  • Lesnar had just lost a fight to Cain Velasquez.
  • There was visible animosity between the two, which wasn’t an act at the time.

The one incident that really got people talking was the confrontation at UFC 121. Lesnar was the defending champion and his opponent was Cain Velasquez. Undertaker was in attendance, which was normal, as he’s a huge UFC fan. A number of WWE stars often showed up to Lesnar’s events in order to encourage him but unfortunately, the Lesnar lost the title to Velasquez and left the octagon bloodied and concussed.


Why The Undertaker Never Fought For The UFC

The Undertaker is one of WWE’s all-time greats, but as a big MMA fan, he once considered becoming a UFC fighter.

Lesnar passed by Mark Calaway while he was in the middle of an interview with Ariel Helwani and his former co-worker asked Lesnar whether he wanted to do it. Back then, most fans thought this was an attempt to mock Lesnar, who had suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of Velasquez in the octagon. Rumors of personal animosity were finally validated. The autobiography was released after this incident and that was the final nail in the coffin. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had problems.

After his loss to Velasquez, Ariel Helwani sat down with Brock Lesnar in an exclusive interview, largely to build hype for his return to the octagon and his role as a coach in the upcoming Ultimate Fighter, but Helwani soon brought up the Undertaker confrontation and Lesnar had quite a bit to say about his former ring partner.

Animosity Between Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker Eventually Turned Into Friendship

Lesnar Became The One To End The Streak At WrestleMania 30

  • Lesnar and The Undertaker went on to feud in the latter part of “The Deadman’s” career.
  • Lesnar became the one to end the legendary WrestleMania streak of The Undertaker.
  • Since UFC 121, they have squashed their beef.

Lesnar said that he enjoyed working with Mark Calaway, but there were some things said that ended up pissing him off. He mentioned that he heard something from a mutual friend about what Undertaker thought of him, and he made said mutual friend send a message to let Calaway know what Lesnar thought of him. The Undertaker was not happy with that, and that where the beef came from.

It was legit when Ariel Helwani questioned whether the incident was a work. Lesnar went on to say that the guys in WWE had some animosity towards him as he could go back to being a pro wrestler while they could never hope to become UFC fighters.


Brock Lesnar’s Definitive 10 Best WWE Matches, Ranked

Brock Lesnar is one of the most impressive wrestlers in WWE history. He’s had many awesome matches throughout his career, but which one is the best?

Thankfully, Lesnar and Undertaker are good friends nowadays. The beef was most likely squashed when Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012. After his retirement, Mark Calaway clarified the UFC 121 incident as something of a work. He was sent over by Vince McMahon to “look for a fight” and goad Lesnar into coming back to WWE. McMahon was eyeing a showdown between Lesnar and Undertaker for WrestleMania 27, but that came three years later, at WrestleMania 30, where Lesnar broke the undefeated streak of the Undertaker.

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