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The PS wants to know how many complaints have been processed for school bullying in three years

Andorra la VellaThe General Councilor and Deputy President of the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group, Susanna Vela, today filed a request for information regarding school bullying with the Union.

Vela has requested the Government to know the number of cases reported in the last three years (by school and educational level), as well as the number of those resolved in the same period of time. The General Counsel also requests information on the measures and resources intended to prevent and combat school bullying (broken down by schools and educational levels), as well as the time frame by which complaints are resolved.

Finally, the deputy president of the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group also wants all the information regarding the results to date of the plan launched by the Ministry of Education with the aim of eliminating the problem of school bullying in classrooms including the degree of ‘implementation of the B-resol application and its monitoring broken down by centers and educational levels.

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