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The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court investigates the adverse effects of Nolotil

The Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court has agreed to investigate a possible health liability for the possible adverse health effects derived from the consumption of the drug Nolotil. It does so after receiving the complaint presented by the Patient Ombudsman and once more complaints have been registered in both the State Attorney General’s Office and the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

This is reflected in a decree signed by the chief prosecutor of the National Court, Jesús Alonso, collected by Europa Press, in which he designates prosecutor Manuel Campoy as the instructor of these pre-procedural investigation proceedings.

In this writing, Alonso establishes that the actions of the Public Ministry in this case are intended to protect the fundamental right of citizens to physical integrity in relation to the right to health protection, and the right of citizens to be protected against the risks that may affect their health as consumers and users of health services.

In this context, the Prosecutor’s Office requests as first steps to request from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) a report in which it identifies the manufacturing companies of this medicine, the importers, the marketers and the distributors in Spain.

He also wants to know from the AEMPS the authorizations granted to the medication and the reporting of adverse reactions. In addition, he asks to be informed about which countries have already decided to withdraw this medicine from the market, and what differences or reasons lead to maintaining its marketing in Spain.

The chief prosecutor recalls that the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court is competent “to hear all those administrative actions that are the responsibility, among others, of public organizations with their own legal personality and entities belonging to the state public sector with jurisdiction throughout the national territory.” .

And he points out that this is what happens “with the possible administrative procedures that could arise from the actions of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, in relation to the medicine Nolotil.”

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