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The Police locate a year and a half baby in diapers, barefoot and walking alone in the rain in Petrer

A group of agents from the Local police of Petrer, in Alicantethey have located a one and a half year old baby in diapers and barefoot, he was walking alone down the street in the rain. The child has been left in the care of his maternal grandmother, while social services and the police carry out the relevant investigations.

The events occurred on February 9, around 7:40 a.m., when the Petrer Local Police received a warning call from a neighbor, who had observed a half naked boy and barefoot, wandering alone on the outskirts of the population, under the rain and with very low temperatures, as indicated by the City Council in a statement.

The agents confirmed that it was a very young child, in diapers and barefoot, whom the neighbor had protected from rain and low temperatures inside your vehicle. The child was disoriented and He couldn’t stop crying and calling his mother.and he was sheltered and calmed down by one of the police officers, who managed to get him to show him an address using signs.

Exterior of the facilities of the Pecas de Pozuelo de Alarcón children's center.

The troops immediately went to the scene and managed to locate the mother, who, according to his testimony, was returning from taking the baby’s father to his workplace. He also reported that, during his absence, he had left the minor in the care of another person that supposedly she had fallen asleep and did not know how the minor could have opened the door.

Once inside the house, the agents observed signs that they had been consuming narcotics and everything inside was “very messy and dirty”. Furthermore, the explanations given by the adults present were contradictory.

The situation required the presence of personnel from Social services of the Petrer City Council, who after an initial interview with those responsible and in defense of the interest of the minor, agreed that the baby would remain under the guardianship of maternal grandmotherwhile the corresponding investigation is carried out, with the advice of the Department, to determine possible responsibilities and agree on the definitive guardianship of the minor.

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