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The other concepts that you can deduct in the 2023-2024 Income in the Canary Islands

The campaign of the statement of income 2023-2024 It starts this coming April 3 in the Canary Islands and all of Spain, so from that date all taxpayers will be able to begin submitting their returns corresponding to the 2023 financial year.

In order to present the declaration correctly, it is also necessary to take into account the national and regional deductions from which the population can benefit. These are some of the most important in the Canary Islands:

Relief for educational expenses

For study expenses: up to 1,800 euros in general, and up to 1,920 euros if the taxpayer’s tax base is less than 36,300 euros for descendants or adoptees under 25 years of age, who are economically dependent, who pursue higher education outside the island of residence, and who have not received more than 8,000 euros during the previous year.

For study expenses in early childhood, primary, secondary, high school and mid-level vocational training: 100% of the amounts derived from the acquisition of school supplies, textbooks, transportation, uniforms, school cafeterias and reinforcement activities. The maximum limit is 120 euros for the first child, and 60 euros for each of the remaining children.

The income tax return begins on April 3.

Geographic mobility relief

For moving the habitual residence to another island of the archipelago to carry out an employed work activity or an economic activity: 300 euros in the tax period in which the change of residence occurs and in the following one. To be entitled to the deduction, the taxpayer must remain on the island of destination for the year of transfer and the following three years.

Regional family deductions

By birth or adoption of children: 240 euros, in the case of the first or second child, 480 euros in the case of the third, 720 euros in the case of the fourth, and 840 euros for the fifth or subsequent children.

For daycare expenses: 18% of daycare expenses for children under three years of age, with a maximum of 480 euros per year for each child. Among the requirements, the Tax Agency specifies that taxpayers have not obtained 42,900 euros in individual taxation or more than 57,200 euros in joint taxation.

For large family: up to 540 euros for large families in the general category, and 720 euros for large families in the special category. Furthermore, when one of the spouses or descendants has a degree of physical, mental or sensory disability equal to or greater than 65%, the deduction will be 1,200 euros in the general category and 1,320 euros in the special category.

For single parent families: up to 120 euros for the taxpayer who has dependent descendants, as long as he or she does not live with any other person, except in the case of ascendants who generate the right to apply the minimum for ascendants.

Other deductions in the Canary Islands

For unemployed taxpayers: all those who are receiving unemployment benefits will receive 100 euros. The requirements are the following: the taxpayer must have been unemployed for at least six months of the year, not add more than 14,000 euros for work income or equal to or less than 22.00 euros in individual and joint taxation.

Due to illness expenses: 12% of the expenses derived from the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, dental health, pregnancy and birth of children, accidents and disability, as well as 12% of the expenses for the acquisition of devices and accessories, including prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Due to the price increase: the taxpayer may deduct the expenses of the shopping basket with limits of up to 225 euros for incomes of less than 20,000 euros in individual taxation, up to 175 euros for incomes of between 20,000 and 25,000 euros in individual taxation, and 125 euros in income of between 25,000 and 30,000 euros.

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