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The modern scam

We are fascinated by modern, we feel an inevitable attraction towards what seems novel, different or groundbreaking. It is normal that this is the case, since human beings have in their nature an innate interest in the unknown. Curiosity, although we sometimes forget, is one of the driving forces of humanity. Raising the flag of modernity is synonymous with good press, attraction and a point in favor in any dispute.

But all that glitters is not gold and modernity has a lot of King Midas. Modernity is usually a recurring excuse for some scammers. Being modern is a temptation that attracts many, but it can be a trompe l’oeil that paints us a perfect future when the only reality is the hard density of the wall against which we will crash. In The Art of the Novela, the Czech writer Milan Kundera created, among other things, a small dictionary of terms related to his profession, among which the word “being modern” appeared.

Kundera quotes Vladislav Vancura who in 1920 stated the following: “New, new, new is the star of communism, and outside of it there is no modernity.” He also remembers Rimbaud’s phrase that ordered “to be absolutely modern.” Kundera affirms that the desire to be modern is an archetype, an irrational imperative that is deeply anchored in our mentality and whose content changes and is not determined.. “A modern person is someone who declares themselves modern and is accepted as such,” she concludes.

Maybe the new is not so modern and the modern is not so new.

You are always late to what is modern, almost by definition, and if you scratch a little, you usually find echoes of the past in what is intended to be modern.. The historical or artistic definitions of modernity speak, in fact, of something already ancient, only the etymology appeals to the concept of the recent. The Apocalypse of Saint John 21, verse 5 says: “And he who sat on the throne said, “I make all things new.” And he added, “Write that these words are true and trustworthy” and in verse one it speaks of a new heaven and a new earth.

Currently, modern things shine, they are striking, they tend to make noise and tend to seek stridency. It usually leaves in its wake a trail of confetti, a red carpet of ignorance that leads to loss of identity, submission and the delegation of judgment to mediocre gurus. who promise advances, progress and other utopias, while they are eagerly busy improving their own lives and satisfying their ego and vanity. Maybe the new is not so modern and the modern is not so new.

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