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“The joke wasn’t going to be that bad”

Two men accused of burn the faces of two ‘homeless’ in Victoria have testified this Tuesday morning in a trial against them, accused of attempted murder. At the hearing, held in the Álava Court, the men stated that they were “laughing” playing with a spray of paint and that they “do not remember” the attacks they carried out without the intention of causing harm to the two victims. “The joke wasn’t going to be that big of a deal,” they said.

The two individuals have agreed that they remember little and that they were under the influence of alcoholsince they had drunk “twenty or thirty beers each and about five ‘tranquimazin'”, and that they had no previous conflicts with either of the two victims.

The attack occurred on October 16, 2019 in two non-fatal attacks followed, for which the Prosecutor’s Office demands 18 years in prison for each one based on the accusations of attempted murder.

Attack on two people

He spray Mikel had bought it to paint Jonathan’s bike. According to his story, they were “laughing in the park”, located in Green Capital Square, and they began to joke that they were all painting themselves. “We had part of our bodies painted,” they said.

Both have maintained that they did not remember the attack on the first victim, Jorge. This attack was witnessed from “twenty or thirty meters” by municipal policewho have testified as witnesses and have corroborated that the accused were first drinking beers and were known to the agents. “I have never been able to be with them sober, They are not coherent people. They were laughing with him spray“said a police officer.

The two accused were together in the attack, although one of the police witnesses has stated that Jonathan was the author of this first attack. with the spray and a lighter, about seventy centimeters from the victim. They also painted another person, another homeless man nicknamed “The Pole”, who was there, without hurting him.

Upon seeing the flare, the accused fled and, while the police attended to the first and began the chase, the two accused passed through another Rioja street, where the second attack occurred on another homeless man, Francisco Javier, who was sitting on the street. The accused found him by chance. Yesas they have said, they knew each other “from the soup kitchen and the bars to drink alcohol.”

Different versions

In this second attack, Jonathan has accused Mikel of being the one who sprayed the victim with paint. Mikel, for his part, has acknowledged that he was “playing with a lighter to scare him” but He doesn’t remember that it lit his face. The attack was recorded on video by a witness.

This defendant, Mikel, who is currently in a psychiatric hospitalhas apologized to the victims and has assured that they did not want to “cause injuries or death to anyone, especially someone they know.”

“I didn’t think the joke was going to be that big, we were playing. When I found out about the injuries, I felt bad, guilty”, has emphasized. According to the defendants, they were not aware of the damage inflicted, despite the fact that one of the victims had smoke coming out of his ears, nor did they explain why they fled, until they were arrested minutes later by the police. Local police.

One of the two victims died in November 2020 from causes unrelated to the attack. In both cases, the Prosecutor’s Office considers that there was attempted homicide because the two victims suffered significant glottis edema that Without proper treatment it could have caused death. Furthermore, it adds the aggravating circumstance of abuse of superiority.

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