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The Holy Fire illuminates the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher Jerusalem was illuminated this Saturday thanks to the light of the candles carried by the faithful during the Orthodox ceremony of the Holy Fire.

After hours of waiting, the most devout have been able to participate in this famous ritual that attracts attention from around the world. Is about one of the Easter ceremonies most important of the Orthodox churches. On this occasion, only 4,200 pilgrims have been allowed to enter the church.

Thus, to the sound of the church bells, the patriarch of Jerusalem and all Palestine, Theophilus IIIhas left the Chapel with the Holy Fire in his hands.

Nazarenes of the Brotherhood of the Captive of San Pablo leave the Church after their season of penance was suspended due to rain.  On March 24, 2024, in Seville (Andalusia, Spain).  Instability, precipitation and low temperatures star in Holy Week in Andalusia...MARCH 25, 2024..Rocío Ruz / Europa Press..03/25/2024 (((EP)))

The temple is considered the most sacred place in Christianity and it has been the most important center of Christian pilgrimage since the 4th century, because, according to tradition, it is where the place where Jesus Christ was crucified is located.

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