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The great moment between Eduardo Pérez-Cabrera (father Miri) and Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Survivors’: “I find it attractive”

With the controversy of the supposed romantic approach between Gorka and Marieta in Survivors and the visit of Sofia Suescun to your couple, Kiko Jimenezin Cayo Paloma, love jumped into the air in the dish of the program.

While Jorge Javier Vazquez spoke with collaborators, Laura Matamoros -the last one expelled from the edition- made the comment that made the audience and the presenter burst out laughing: “Miri said that things could arise between you and her father“.

Eduardo Pérez-CabreraMiri’s father, did not deny anything, which made Miri’s daughter Kiko Matamoros wonder how I saw the presenter. “Man, I find him very attractive,” confessed the defender:

Jorge Javier burst out laughing, and even had to sit down. “At our ages we can’t waste much time!“, he advised Eduardo. “We have to have a date, but without cameras,” Eduardo responded, making Jorge unable to stop laughing at the unexpected situation.

Maite Galdeano in 'Querido Hater', Malbert's podcast.

Laura Madrueño He was waiting in Honduras for the connection, listening to all the percale and laughing a lot. “It must be very bad for us so I don’t fuck… tonight,” Jorge told him with his little shyness and subtlety.

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