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The Government closes ranks with Marlaska after requests for dismissal due to the death of two civil guards in Barbate

This Monday, the Executive responded to requests for resignation or termination of office. Fernando Grande-Marlaska with the same firmness as the Minister of the Interior himself: neither of the two options is contemplated. After the death of two civil guards who were run over by a ‘drug boat’ last Friday In Barbate (Cádiz), several Civil Guard associations and political parties, from Vox to Podemos and the PP, have blamed the head of the Interior and asked for his resignation. However, the Government does not hesitate to support the minister and praised his management this Monday.

“I have no doubt about Minister Marlaska’s commitment to the fight against drug trafficking”the head of the Presidency has indicated, Felix Bolaños, during an appearance held this Monday afternoon. The minister praised the “daily” and “personal” effort of Grande-Marlaska, who “from day one” prioritized the situation in Campo de Gibraltar.

The Ministry of Defense has spoken along the same lines Margaret Robles, which has rejected the possibility of a disapproval by the Executive. ““I don’t have to give lessons to any minister, I have known him for many years,” The minister has clarified that, like Marlaska, she is also a judge. Robles has conveyed “all solidarity to the Civil Guard.” “We never invest enough, neither in the Civil Guard nor in the armed forces, because everyone deserves the best,” he said.

The eight detained for the murder of two civil guards arrived this Monday at the Barbate courts, in Cádiz.

The Minister of the Presidency has also conveyed his condolences to the relatives of the two meritorious agents who died last Friday. He has assured, on the other hand, that When the Socialist Party came to government in 2018, it found a “lack of personnel and means”. Bolaños has aligned himself with Marlaska (who also appeared this Monday) and has defended the ‘Special Security Plan for the Campo de Gibraltar’, an investment that was launched in July of that year and that has already been extended for three occasions, for the last time in December 2023.

The same path has been followed by the Government spokesperson, Pilar Alegría, who this Monday morning evaded any statement on the possibility of Grande-Marlaska leaving the Executive. Alegría has also shown its “solidarity and affection” towards the families of the victims and has assured that “the murders will not go unpunished.”

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