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The freighter ‘Borkum’ gives up stopping in Cartagena and heads to Slovenia

The Borkum ship, which is transporting a shipment of weapons bound for the Czech Republic and was scheduled to stop in Cartagena, has given up on this scale and has reported that it is heading directly to Slovenia to transfer the cargo from there to Prague.

The shipowner of the freighter has communicated this decision to the Maritime Captaincy, as confirmed by sources from the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility.

The ship It was anchored at Cape Tiñoso, in the waters of Cartagena, waiting to dock at the Escombreras terminal, but has finally decided not to make that stopover and head to Slovenia.

Several people protest so that the Borkum ship does not moor in the port of Cartagena.

This freighter had permission to make the stopover because Their shipment was not destined for Israel.something that, despite the Government’s denial, had been questioned by pro-Palestinian associations and had led Sumar to request the State Attorney General’s Office to prevent the Borkum from docking in Cartagena.

Also Podemos had filed a complaint to hold the cargo ship upon arrival at the port and check if it was transporting weapons destined for Israel.

The owner of the German ship, although flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda, has made the decision not to make the stopover despite having all the documentation in order.

From Cartagena waters and without docking in the port heads to the Slovenian port from which it will subsequently transfer its cargo to the final destination, the Czech Republic.

If this vessel did have the corresponding permits, This Thursday, the Government had denied a stopover permit to another merchant vessel, the ‘Marianne Danica’, with the Danish flag that sailed from India and is carrying military rocket engines bound for Israel.

By virtue of the 2014 ministerial order regulating the integrated procedure for calling ships in ports of general interest, it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to grant said authorization.

Foreign Affairs subsequently informed the Merchant Marine and the Port Authority of the decision taken so that, where appropriate, they could authorize or deny the entry of the ship to the port.

Sumar and Podemos Reactions

Sumar and Podemos have congratulated each other after learning that the cargo ship Borkum will not finally call at the port of Cartagena. Sumar’s spokesperson in Congress, Íñigo Errejón, has assured that this news is a “victory” and has congratulated himself for being “right” by demanding an apology. “We were right. We expect an apology tomorrow. Social pressure helps, standing up helps,” she wrote in a message on the social network X.

Likewise, the Podemos candidate for the European elections, Irene Monterohas reproached the Government with irony that “everything was so clear” and that they were “inventing everything so much that finally the Borkum avoided entering the port of Cartagena.”

“Enough of the hypocrisy. Enough of criminalizing and ridiculing the Palestine solidarity movement. We act to stop genocide“, he added in a message on X, after hearing the news.

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