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The fitness star revealed her huge belly – She had just given birth

Danni Levy is in good shape after giving birth.

Danni Levy swears by training.Danni Levy swears by training.

Danni Levy swears by training. PDO

Fitness star Danni Levy has presented her incredible competition shape on Instagram just two months after giving birth.

Levy posted a selfie in which he lifted his shirt to reveal his abs. The view was impressive – even if you don’t even consider the birth. There was no information about pregnancy weight.

In the caption, Levy said that she didn’t use any gimmicks or drastic diets to trim her waist. The secret was as simple as regular training.

– Don’t believe all the crap that is fed to you. The only way to keep your body healthy while expecting a baby is to eat healthy and exercise. I have received a lot of support and just as much criticism during my pregnancy, but I can say that good old training works best, Levy wrote.

The fitness mom documented her pregnancy earlier on Instagram, and published pictures of her pregnant belly, among other things. “Even at its best” you barely noticed it.

The album is popular Muscle and Health – editor-in-chief of the fitness magazine. She has 100,000 followers on Instagram, many of whom are housewives.

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