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The field and me | Opinion of Juan Carlos Blanco

As a good talk show host, in this last week I have been asked in different media outlets on no less than four or five occasions for my opinion on this tractor revolt that intermittently collapses Spanish roads to remind us that the field exists and that it needs help.

To respond, I have read and heard everything I could about the matter, but, unlike other political matters where I usually have better information and a greater capacity for understanding, here I have used trade and a few common places to be able to offer a more or less adjusted but rather short answer to the question about the reasons for the outbreak of indignation in what some finolis now call ‘rural’.

Like so many other urbanites, I know very little about the countryside. And, I confess, like so many other urbanites, I have ended up acting as if the milk, vegetables, fruit and meat in my pantry They will magically arrive on supermarket shelves.

I understand the fatigue of farmers and ranchers. His life is not an idyllic postcard to the delight of tourists who escape on weekends to a village with bucolic views. Their life is to get up very early from Monday to Sunday, to have their accounts never go well, to have problems suffocate them, to have those who make decisions that impact their lives give the sensation of never having left their offices. Brussels and, on top of that, the usual inquisitors call them fascists for owning a tractor.

Like so many other urbanites, I have ended up acting as if the milk, vegetables, fruit and meat in my pantry magically arrived on the supermarket shelves.

The thing about the countryside is a ‘enough is enough’, a ‘I can’t take it anymore’ that cannot be fixed with a couple more help, but rather requires a deeper reflection that does not fit in the lines of this column nor can it come from people like me, who acts in his life as if the countryside were only what he sees behind the car windows when he goes on a trip. A respect, therefore, for those who dedicate themselves to it. And a little more empathy and understanding, which has already lasted enough.

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