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the famous Halloween party, the private detective to Joaquín…

Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, who He died at the age of 79 due to diverticulitis.according to his family, has been one of the most significant and iconic presidents in the 90s and early 2000s. The Sevillian left thousands of anecdotes and events during his years as the largest shareholder of the Verdiblanco club. and left an indelible mark on the world of Spanish football.

Halloween party

In an interview with Movistar Plus+Lopera, Benjamín Zarandona and Joaquín Sánchez, remembered the famous Halloween party held in 2001 at the house of the Spanish-Equatorial Guinean footballer. “We had planned for about 40 guests, but I estimate there were about 100 people”Benjamin himself acknowledged.

“We stayed in the car and girls and soccer players kept coming in. My God, what is this?“, Lopera said. “The president comes out of the car along with Juande Ramos, who was the coach at that time, Luis del Sol and the manager. I thought at that moment that it was a dream, the one that could have been messed up, it couldn’t be true“Benjamín added.

George Russell crash at the Australian GP

Lopera said that, after entering his soccer player’s home, the first thing they observed was people “doing physical exercise without any clothes on”: “When we went to enter, in the first room there were people who were doing physical exercise without clothes, others began to jump from the balcony, others from the window… Joaquín also went out through the other window. At that moment I understood your poor performance (referring to Benjamín)”, revealed Manuel Ruiz de Lopera.

Lopera and her ‘strange cousins’

Juan Merino, former Betis player between 1990 and 2002, highlighted some of the anecdotes he experienced with Manuel Ruiz de Lopera while he was a member of the green and white club: “One day he gives me a bonus so I can take it home and distributed. It was about 30 million pesetas. I got home and started counting. I got about 32 million. Again I started counting. The second time the same. The next morning I called Lopera and I told him that he had given me two million more than what was agreed and he replied that it was the club’s workers’ money. “He had done it to see if he could trust me or I would deceive him.”

Likewise, Lopera was always a very peculiar person, even when it came to handing out ‘bonuses’ to his footballers. In the vast majority of cases, the former Betic president handed out checks The English Court so that their footballers or family members could spend it on this great company: “I want to see all your women climbing the stairs on Monday.”

The anecdotes with Joaquín

Manuel Ruiz de Lopera had several anecdotes and encounters with Joaquín Sánchez. The one who was the largest shareholder of Betis He appointed a private detective to the Spanish player to monitor his nights out. Lopera acknowledged that he called Joaquín to tell him to “stop going out so much”: “The detective has asked me for a raise because he hasn’t seen his family in five days.” Another of the highlights of this relationship was when Lopera brought the Copa del Rey trophy, in 2005, to the Cádiz attacker’s wedding or when the Porto player wanted to sign for Valencia: “Joaquín, since you want to wear white, you’re going to have to go to Albacete, who are very fond of you.”

Discounts on footballers’ salaries

Some footballers who were part of the Betis squad have recounted the “discounts” on the payrolls that Lopera applied to his players: “When he gave us the money, the total came at the top. Just below it began to be deducted. He charged us for the shirts we exchanged with rivals more expensive than in the store. They also charged us for the parking we used at the stadium. There were people who left in December, they had paid for the year’s parking and when they left it with a family member, Lopera had re-rented it.” Likewise, they added that “there were negotiations” in which the former Betic president did not even offer them water. “It was harassment and demolition until I thought I won”quoted a representative.

Capi’s renovation and the wedding party

Lopera, just like at Joaquín’s wedding, wanted to be the protagonist in the marriage of Capi, former green and white captain. “Two days before I got married I went to sign the renewal with my representative and my agent told him to give me a good gift for the wedding,” Capi himself added. “I have given him a seven-year contract. Does he want more gifts?” Lopera responded. The Betic midfielder at that time acknowledged that, in addition, he paid him half of his wedding reception: “He told me that it was a lot of money, that he was going to pay me half and that we were going to tell the press that he had paid it in full. And so we did it,” concluded Capi.

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