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“The evil and lack of education is incredible”

During one of his emotional talks like coach at an event in Marbella, Paz Padilla made some unfortunate comments about the aesthetic and physical touches of several celebrities, including Carmen Lomana and Isabel Preysler. Lomana has shown his anger and has exploded against the television presenter.

“I found her on the AVE and I looked at her and thought ‘if she enters the Wax Museum and gets lost there, it will take 3 days to find her'”, expressed Paz Padilla. This was one of the many comments she made about the television collaborator’s physique.

After hearing the words of the mother of Anna Ferrer Padilla, Carmen Lomana has expressed her anger. “It is incredible that Paz said this about whether or not I have surgery. You should have more respect for me, because he asked me for two favors when I was nobody and I did them for him,” he told the magazine Week.

Carmen Lomana, in 'Kiss Mornings'.

“It is incredible the evil of some people and the lack of education that they demonstrate,” added the businesswoman. But she was not the only one Padilla mentioned in her speech.

“When Isabel scolds a child, she tells them: ‘I’m going to tell your father.’ And then she turns to the other children and says: ‘Also to yours, yours and yours too,” said Paz Padilla, referring to to Isabel Preysler. The mother of Tamara Falcounlike Carmen Lomana, has not commented on the matter.

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