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The elimination test for ‘The Conqueror’ ends with abandonment

Finite and Dust, from the ‘Cocorote’ teamand El Carni, of the ‘Yotahu’, were the three contestants who dueled for permanence in The Conqueror during Monday night. One of them would leave the contest forever.

Although the explanation of the test was simple, the duelists showed that It was much harder than you could see.. “You will have to lower the ropes with the hook and get the pennants by climbing it,” he explained. Raquel Sanchez Silva.

Polvillo was the last to manage to lower the cited rope, being at a great disadvantage compared to their opponents. Finito, for his part, got the hang of the climb, getting two of the flags.

Despite everything, it was the abandonment of one of the contestants which put an end to the test. “I can’t, I can’t,” Polvillo repeated. “Is your “I can’t” final?” the presenter asked. “Yeah. I abandon the challenge“, responded the young man.

Polvillo has decided to leave“Therefore, the test is over,” exclaimed the presenter, relieving the effort of El Carni and Finito. “Every time I tried to climb the rope I noticed that I was out of breath,” Polvillo justified, before leaving permanently.

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