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The defense of a young South Korean man against accusations that Spaniards are racist: “I felt very uncomfortable”

One of the best ways to fight prejudice It consists of knowing first-hand what is in question. This is why traveling to a foreign country not only allows you to delve into a different culture, but also break down stereotypes that have nothing to do with reality.

In the case of Jon, a young South Korean who lived in Spain for a long time, his fascination with the Spanish lifestyle has made him discover that, despite popular belief, Spaniards are not racist.

“When I lived in Spain, “My friends and I went to a nightclub,” The young man, known as Jon from Korea in TikTok, during his story about the “first time” he experienced racism in Spain. “There the British looked at me a lot and I looked at them too because I felt very uncomfortable, but a girl made me like that,” He explained, stretching his eyes, simulating the mockery of which he was a victim.

Precisely, as it was the first time he had suffered something like this, he acknowledged that “he did not know how to react” and that He was “frozen.” In a similar case, Jon has said that he went with a friend to a bar to watch a football match and, there, he met “a Briton.” “Cr“that he was on drugs or very drunk,” has qualified.

At this point, the man approached them to ask them, threateningly, how it was possible that they watched the game, to which, shortly after, a group of Spaniards came to the rescue to defend them. “The Spanish protected us and fought for us,” Has expressed.

A man's emotional message to his late wife.

“Many people say that the Spanish are very racist and things like that, but in my experience, the Spanish always helped me and always protected me because “They are not racist,” it is finished.

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