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The constant “harassment” of Jenni Hermoso by Luis Rubiales and the rest of the accused, which “prevented her from developing her life in peace”

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested a sentence of two and a half years in prison for the former president of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales for the crimes of sexual assault and coercion in the non-consensual kiss case that he gave to the player Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final in Sydney, on August 20.

He The public ministry has sent its provisional conclusions to the National Court, in which he also requests a sentence of one and a half years in prison for a crime of coercion for the former coach of the women’s team Jorge Vilda; for the former marketing director of the Federation Rubén Rivera and for the director of the men’s team, Albert Luque. The Prosecutor’s Office brief details precisely what happened from the non-consensual kiss at the World Cup in Sydney to the entire “harassment” situation that arose afterwards.

The Prosecutor's Office of the National Court asks to sentence the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to 2 years and 6 months in prison for the non-consensual kiss and the alleged subsequent coercion of the women's national team player Jennifer Hermoso.  (Source: Europa Press/RFEF)

“Surprisingly and without consent…”

On August 20, 2023, in Sydney, State of New South Wales, (Australia), on the occasion of the presentation of medals to the players of the Spanish Women’s Soccer Team after their victory in the World Cup final, and in the moment when the player Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes received the protocol greeting and congratulations from the accused Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), He held the player’s head with both hands, and in a surprising way and without the player’s consent or acceptance, he kissed her on the lips.

“Constant and repeated acts of pressure”

From the commission of the act described above, and in the face of the personal and professional consequences that could resultthe accused Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar, by himself and in connivance with the rest of the accused, began to exert constant and repeated acts of pressure directly on the player Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes and through her family and friends with the purpose of publicly justifying and approving the kiss that against his will Luis Rubiales gave her, Jennifer suffered a situation of harassment that prevented her from developing her life in peace, tranquility and freely.

The acts of harassment committed by the accused took the form of the following behaviors:

“A statement she did not agree with”

At a moment immediately after the presentation of medals to the players of the Spanish Women’s Soccer Team, the accused Luis Manuel Rubiales asked Ana Álvarez Mesas, director of women’s soccer at the RFEF, to enter the locker room and order Jennifer to leave. Beautiful because I wanted to talk to her, and Jennifer agreed to the request. In this first moment Luis Rubiales already urged the player to make a public statement about her acceptance of the kiss received, which she did not agree with and which she had no obligation to do.

Later, when the player was traveling on a bus that was leading to the Spanish football delegation on the way from the airport back to Spain, He was forced to rush down to sign a press release. written by the RFEF communication team by order of Luis Manuel Rubiales and in which Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes had not had any intervention and whose content she did not share, despite which, it was sent to the media.

In it return flight from Australia to Spainwith a stopover in Doha (Qatar), Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar again addressed Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes to agree to make a joint public statement between them when they arrived at said stopover, stating that the kiss had been consensual, to which the The player refused once again, expressing her exhaustion and discomfort to the accused due to the pressure exerted by him.

More pressure from the rest of the accused

Given the repeated refusal of Jennifer Hermoso to agree to her claims, the accused Luis Rubiales, after various conversations with his trusted team, of which the accused Jorge Vilda Rodríguez was a part, decided to use another way to achieve what he wanted, consisting of continue putting pressure on Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes, this time using family members of this who were traveling on the same flight.

So, Jorge Vilda approached the seats on several occasions where the player’s relatives traveled until he managed to speak with Rafael Hermoso Fuentes, Jennifer’s brother, and after trying to gain his trust by praising the player’s sporting virtues, with the sole purpose of Rafael convincing his sister to hold the demonstration. intended by the accused, and given his reluctance to give in to his request, he warned him that if his sister did not agree to participate in the video, This would have negative consequences for her.both personally and in his professional career as a footballer.

On August 22 to 25, 2023, with occasion of a trip to Ibiza for the Women’s Soccer Team The accused Rubén Rivera Teijido went to said town and insisted, repeatedly and persistently, Jennifer Hermoso to speak by phone with the person in charge of integrity of the RFEF.

A file had been opened by the RFEF integrity committee regarding the events that occurred in Sydney, in which It was intended, by order of the accused Luis Rubiales, his exculpation of any responsibility in said area, forcing the parties to change statements and providing partial experts in their favor. Jennifer Hermoso repeatedly told the accused Rubén Rivera Teijido that she did not want to agree to her claims and that they should leave her alone.

Luque’s attempts via WhatsApp

Despite the clear refusal of Jennifer Hermoso, expressing her exhaustion, Rubén Rivera Teijido, persisted in his conduct, directly with respect to Jennifer Hermoso and indirectly through Ana Ecube, so that she could speak with the accused Albert Luque Martos, who intended , according to the accused Luis Rubiales, and using his good personal relationship with the player, break Jennifer’s will.

When he did not achieve what he wanted, the accused Albert Luque Martos, in agreement with the accused Luis Rubiales, traveled to Ibiza, to ensure with his presence that he participated in the alleged video, appearing at the hotel where the player and her friend were staying and trying to force Jennifer to talk to him, which she refused.

He accused Albert Luque insisted through WhatsApp, personally to Jennifer Hermoso and through Ana Ecube so that Jennifer could talk to him. Finally, given the resounding refusal received, Albert Luque sent several WhatsApp messages to Jennifer’s friend, insisting on his request for help to justify Luis Rubiales’ behavior, expressing his anger, alluding to the fact that the player, due to her age, He had two years left in his career and that if I helped him at this moment I could surely get him a position in the Federation, accusing Jennifer Hermoso of being a bad personwishing her that she finds herself very alone in life and announcing that she would be happy if that happened.

The situation of harassment by the accused towards Ms. Hermoso ceased when the accused Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar was provisionally suspended by FIFA on August 26, 2023.

The events described created in Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes a anxiety and intense stress situationwhich continued for several months afterwards.

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