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The choice of the project manager tightens the atmosphere in Diili – Emmi Suuronen is very disappointed: “It’s an agreed thing”

Emmi Suuronen is disappointed in Diili when he is not chosen as project manager. THE STORY CONTAINS PLOT REVEALS!

Deal in the next episode, the contestants’ renovation skills will be tested. Kiila and Valjako have to renovate an apartment in 36 hours. The winner is the team that increases the value of the apartment the most.

Valjako has a strong will to succeed, as the team has lost the previous two competitions. However, the battle for the position of project manager heats up emotions.

– I would definitely like the position of project manager. There is no experience in the building side, but more in the civil engineering field, Emmi Suuronen justifies.

Emmi Suuronen wants to lead his team.Emmi Suuronen wants to lead his team.

Emmi Suuronen wants to lead his team. Four

The team ends up choosing a project manager William’s. However, the decision does not please Emmi.

– I have a bit of a feeling now that those guys have agreed something with each other, because this was exactly my job, he says to the cameras.

During the task, Emmi’s annoyance comes up for the second time. In his opinion, he would have been a better choice for chief instead of Vilijam.

– I feel that this was somehow agreed upon, that everyone was then “Viljami Viljami”, Emmi reflects.

Valjakko goes in pursuit of his first victory under Viljam’s leadership. Four

In front of the management team Jaajo Linnonmaa asks Emmi about it. Also Noora Fagerström wants to know more why Viljam’s choice was wrong in Emmi’s opinion.

– Actually, there was no agreement. Atte the project manager would have liked too. For a moment I thought that Atte would be the best for this, but then I thought that we have an awful lot of energy and know-how in this team, that now we need someone to harness it, Viljami answered.

– You didn’t think that Emmi would have harnessed? Toni Lähde asks Viljam.

– I thought that I would harness, Viljami answers confidently.

Deal on Monday at Nelose at 21:00 & Ruudu. See all TV programs and broadcast times in Telku’s TV guide.

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