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The bodies of two elderly people are found in an apartment in Moaña

The bodies of an octogenarian couple were found this Monday in the home where they lived in the O Con area, in the municipality of Moaña, in Pontevedra. The bodies show no signs of violence. and, given their condition, they could have been dead for several weeks.

It was the neighbors of the elderly who, upon realizing that They hadn’t seen them for a long time, They raised the alarm to the owner of the apartment on José Costa Alonso Street where they rented. This, since they were not able to contact them either, alerted the Civil Guard.

Vehicle of the Mossos d'Esquadra

Around noon, the agents showed up at the house and, after gaining access, They located the two bodies. Members of the Judicial Police, who are investigating the events, have remained at the property until late in the afternoon.

In the absence of determining what the autopsy says, the bodies of the two elderly men did not show any apparent signs of violence, so It is considered that it could be a natural death. Due to their condition, they could have been dead for several weeks and it is believed that the man died before his wife.

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