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The Argentine Interior Minister calls for the resignation of Óscar Puente for “irresponsible”

The Argentine Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, one of the strong men of the president’s Executive Javier Mileihas called this Saturday for the “resignation” of the Spanish head of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Oscar Puentewhich he has described as “irresponsible”, for his “lack of respect” to the president of the South American country.

“I find it outrageous. I have heard that kind of spectacle that this man has put on. He seems irresponsible to me. “You cannot expose the Government of a country that is important for Argentina because of its traditions, because of the number of descendants who live in our country, because of the help it has provided to Argentina,” the head of the Interior indicated to Radio Miter.

Francos, one of the main people responsible for the fact that this week the Argentine Chamber of Deputies approved the ‘omnibus law’, star project of the Milei Executive, due to its negotiating spirit with the opposition, has also described Puente’s intervention as “lack of respect”, which seemed “really unusual”.

The former Minister of Equality and Secretary of Political Action of Podemos, Irene Montero.

“I don’t want to get involved in the Spanish Government, but if I were president I would ask him to resign. It is an offensive thing against the president of a brother country Francos has described the Spanish minister as a “subject” and “character of this quality” and has pointed out that “a protest is the least that can be done.”

Also supported the Argentine president. Regarding Milei, he has declared that he is “a democratic president of the Argentine Republic, a country of immigrants from Spain that gave shelter to the Spanish and helped Spain when it was bad.


The Spanish Government has appealed this Saturday to the ties that unite both countries to continue maintaining these friendly relations. Puente made some statements at an event on social networks this Friday in Salamanca, in which he referred to “very bad people who, by being themselves, have reached the top” and cited former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) and Milei.

He also added that he had seen the Argentine politician make some strong statements during the election campaign “when he left, I don’t know in what state and prior to ingestion or after ingestion of what substances”without giving more details.

His demonstrations have provoked a statement from the Office of the President of Argentina, which criticized Sánchez with these words: “You have bigger problems to deal with.”such as the accusations of corruption that fall on his wife (Begoña Gómez), an issue that even led him to evaluate his resignation.”

“For the good of the Kingdom of Spain, we hope that justice acts quickly to clarify such a corruption scandal that directly affects the stability of your Nation and, consequently, the relations with our country,” the text continued.

Terms that the Spanish Government, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has “flatly” rejected and has described as “unfounded”, because they also do not correspond “with the relations of two brother countries and peoples.”

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