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‘TardeAR’ exclusively shows a letter from Artur Segarra, the Thai precedent of the ‘Daniel Sancho case’

Artur Segarra He is another Spaniard who committed a crime in Thailand. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in that country for torturing, murdering and dismembering Daniel Bernat in 2016, a case with some similarity to that of Daniel Sancho.

Awaiting the trial of the son of Rodolfo Sancho for his alleged murder and dismemberment of Colombian Edwin Arrieta, AfternoonAR has shown exclusively the letter that Segarra has written from prison. In it he tells about her routine and the conditions in which he lives.

I get up at 3:30 to read the Bible, pray and ask for mine and for my enemies. Around 4:30 I wake up a couple of my companions (the cells are communes of about 20 to 24 prisoners), I go to the “bathroom”, I wash my face and wait for 5:30 to wake up by whistling the rest of my colleagues,” begins the handwritten letter.

The Madrid Prosecutor's Office has submitted a letter to a Madrid judge in which it opposes requesting the Thai authorities to extradite Daniel Sancho in relation to a case that is open in Spain for a crime of injuries.

The editorial continues: “Prayers begin until 6:00, at 6:30 they open the doors, a shower, take things out of the locker and take them to the site. At 7:00 “breakfast” (so that you have an idea, The daily budget per prisoner for three meals is 1.05 euros). At 8:00, to raise the flag with the national anthem, the King’s song, and 25 minutes of prayer.”

“At 1:00 p.m., time to shower, at 1:30 p.m. I eat with my friend and at 3:45 p.m. locked up again for 16 or 17 hours without food, only water. Sleeping on the floor with three blankets. What it is” “fear” everyday life. You have to understand that this is the third world. Now they have put cameras on us, but I keep going with the skewer in my pocket“, says the Spaniard.

Letter from Artur Segarra.
Letter from Artur Segarra.

In the letter, Artur Segarra gives his opinion on justice in that country: “Thai justice cannot be trusted. I have suffered it on my skin. The sentences are either ridiculous or disproportionate, it all depends on how much cash you have to pay the prosecutor, judges and police.”

Mr. Sancho has a complicated scenario. You have two options: fight the case, which will require an Embassy official to be present during the trial days when facing the death penalty, to review statements and evidence. The second option is to accept, after negotiation with the prosecution, a sentence of less than 30 years so that he can achieve the ‘Excellent’ classification,” he advises the chef.

Letter from Artur Segarra.
Letter from Artur Segarra.

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