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In 1996 the big surprise hit of the year was Twister, a disaster-adventure film about a group of tornado chasers. The Dutchman directed it Jan de Bonta prestigious director of photography who also switched to directing for spectacular Hollywood action productions such as speed and sequel. It had cost about $90 million which was very profitable. It became the second highest-grossing film of that year with 494.5 million grossed. in theaters around the world and only surpassed by the 817.4 of Independence Day. At the Oscars it received two nominations, visual effects and sound.

And, well, if 28 years ago it was able to attract audiences en masse to the big theaters, why wouldn’t it also work now? This is how Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. must have thought. joining forces in production and sharing distribution in cinemas. This new story, in which its authors They prefer not to use the term “sequel”, is almost ready to be released in theaters. He will do it next summer and, for the occasion, the one chosen to sit in the director’s chair has been Lee Isaac Chung.

An American filmmaker from a family of South Korean immigrants who, with the semi-biographical Minari: History of my familyreleased in 2020, was nominated for an Oscar for best direction. A choice that may be shocking in the face of a director better known for telling intimate stories and characters than for action proposals with great special effects. But there remains, for example, his foray into the universe of Star Wars directing one of the episodes of The Mandalorianthe third of the third season.

Synopsis of ‘Twisters’

Kate Cooper she is a former tornado chaser since she lived a terrible experience during her university years. She is now a scientist who studies the storms that affect New York City from the screens. However, a friend He proposes to return to field work to study on site tornadoes using an innovative new tracking system.

Glen Powell, Sasha Lane in 'Twisters'
Glen Powell, Sasha Lane in ‘Twisters’
Warner Bros.

There he will run into Tyler Owens, another daredevil hunter of cyclonic atmospheric phenomena. became the superstar of social networks with his risky followers, and the more dangerous the better. What they both did not expect is that in Oklahoma the perfect storm will break outwith tornadoes of an intensity never seen before.

The 1996 film featured an original script written by Michael Crichton (the author of Jurassic Park) and Anne-Marie Martinand has been in charge of writing the new version Mark L. Smithco-author of the script adapted from The revenant next to Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Cast of ‘Twisters’

Replacing the main couple from the original 90s film, Helen Hunt (who in 1999 would win the Oscar for best actress for Better… impossible) and Bill Paxtonwe will have Daisy Edgar-Jones (of The wild girl or the BBC miniseries War of the Worlds) in the role of scientist Kate Cooper. While Glen Powellromantic comedy co-star Anyone but you and also one of the members of Top Gun: Maverickis the one who plays the media star who breaks social networks Tyler Owens in what will be a dangerous adventure about how to chase tornadoes and not die trying.

Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, Daisy Edgar-Jones in 'Twisters'
Glen Powell, Anthony Ramos, Daisy Edgar-Jones in ‘Twisters’
Warner Bros.

Both will be accompanied by a cast in which they also stand out David Corenswet (the projectionist gallant of Pearl and future new DC Superman), Kiernan Shipka (of bloody sixteen and the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina either Mad Men), Katy O’Brian (of The Mandalorian and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania), Anthony Ramos (Blow to Wall Street, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and the musical hamilton) either Sasha Lane (of American Honey or the series The Crowded Room and Loki).

Trailer for ‘Twisters’

“If you sense it, you pursue it”. This is how he spends them, and this is how the intrepid Tyler Owens goes for tornadoes, followed by his entire spectacular team and his dedicated fans before starting a mission. He nicknames himself “the tornado tamer” and one of his maxims is that “Fears are not faced, they are tamed”.

In the first and spectacular trailer released taking advantage of the huge television audience of the Super Bowl finalwe can already see how spectacular the film promises to be, including facing a double tornado (“we have twins,” one of the characters exclaims, even with some enthusiasm) and also meeting its protagonists, among them the no less reckless Kate Cooper.

‘Twisters’ release date

In this joint collaboration between Universal and Warner, the former is the one who will be in charge of distribution in the United States and the second from the rest of the countries, including Spain.

The premiere in cinemas, where it will also surely be impressive for its sound, It is scheduled for July 19 both in Spain and in the United States and most countries.

‘Twisters’ poster

'Twisters' poster
‘Twisters’ poster
Warner Bros.

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