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Suspicious betting raises questions about Super Bowl Gatorade color odds

Gatorade Color is among the most popular bets on Super Bowl Sunday, but this year’s betting is leading to future questions.

Prior to Super Bowl 2024, significant sharp action came on the correct color, purple, moving the line from +275 to -130 by kickoff on DraftKings.

On Thursday, three days before the game, purple had received just one percent of the overall money on the market on BetMGM.

This color was the only one whose total handle percentage was more than than its percentage of total bets on DraftKings, a key data point when navigating through where the bigger – potentially more informed – money was coming.

But that changed rather quickly as the game approached; BetMGM then reported 17 percent of the handle on purple, despite only seven percent of overall bets.

DraftKings reported similar sharp action, with 18 percent of the money coming on purple and only six percent of bets.

Meanwhile, Fanatics had an insane 60 percent of the overall money on the color purple alone, by far the most lopsided action anyone saw across the legal betting market.

Andy Reid receives his Gatorade bath after winning the Super Bowl.
Andy Reid receives his Gatorade bath after winning the Super Bowl. AP

Whether it was insider trading given by a select few on the sidelines is unknown, but the days of this popular market could be numbered.

Some bettors are claiming some insider info on the color purple prior to the odds being nuked by incoming money.

That DM, given to X user @DailyHitman, could be nonsense, but it did end up being information, and the odds showed that it could be taken seriously by the influx of money.

A larger question is really centered around whether states will continue offering this prop, as only six states and Washington, D.C., will let operators take bets on it.

Meanwhile, the remaining 32 legal states have outlawed it.

The books clearly want it to stick around, though.

“With novelty props like Gatorade bath, the trading team monitors both action on the prop and social media,” a BetMGM spokesperson told The Post. “If it appears the outcome may be known, the market will be shut down. This is similar to other prop markets, like a player’s next team.”

Betting on the NFL?

The logical choice for the Gatorade color was the classic color orange, which has popped up five times since 2001, the highest rate at 20.8 percent. Its odds reflected some value at the original price (+550).

As of the Monday before the Super Bowl, Orange had the fourth-most bet tickets on BetMGM.

But the surge of tickets on purple by game time eventually became the story of gatorade betting, which closed at +120 on BetMGM.

“We will continue to offer the Gatorade bath as long as it is approved by regulators. This prop bet is popular with customers,” BetMGM added.

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