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‘Survivor 46’s’ Kenzie Petty Could Is One to Keep an Eye On

The Big Picture

  • Kenzie Petty, a 29-year-old salon owner, could be a major character on
    Survivor 46
    based on her profile.
  • Kenzie’s powerful personality, puzzle-solving skills, and ability to improvise make her valuable in the game.
  • She draws inspiration from
    winners Maryanne Oketch and Parvati Shallow for her strategy and flirty gameplay.

Survivor fans are gearing up for an all-new season. CBS released the information about the Season 46 castaways, including releasing their audition videos. Viewers can begin making predictions on who will be valuable for challenges, who will be the strategist of the season, and who will be the social butterfly on the reality competition series. But there is also the question of who will be a major character.

The new era has seen likable characters who narrated their season, like Carolyn Wiger and winner Yam Yam Arocho of Survivor 44. They not only had a lot of camera time, but they made it far into the game. So, who could be a major character this season just based on their profile? Here is why our pick for the top contender from Survivor 44 is Kenzie Petty.



Release Date
May 31, 2000

Jeff Probst



Kenzie Petty Has an Impressive Survivor 46 Profile

Kenzie Petty on smiles for promo for Survivor 46
Image via CBS

The 29-year-old salon owner must have a powerful personality as she was cast after just applying once for the show, according to Parade. She could be valuable at puzzles in challenges since she listed jigsaw puzzles as one of her hobbies. Kenzie also seems good at improvising, which could make her adaptable in the game. “Opening my salon was a giant risk,” she explained. “I have no business degree. I had no idea what a business plan even was. But a spot opened up, and I hopped right on up to take over a lease. I didn’t have a fallback plan. Two months after our first anniversary of being open, COVID shut us down for the quarantine.”


Two Women are Responsible For Changing ‘Survivor’ For the Better

Vecepia Towery and Maryanne Oketch broke barriers during their ‘Survivor’ seasons.

She listed that she hopes to play like Survivor 42 winner Maryanne Oketch. Maryanne was one of the biggest personalities of her season and ran into issues with Jonathan Young. The 24-year-old was probably underestimated by her fellow castaways, but she blew the jury away with the reveal of her secret idol. She also managed to get Mike Turner to use his idol on her, proving her social skills. Maryanne isn’t Kenzie’s only inspiration.

“If Parv and Maryanne could have this like weird, strategic, hot, funny, positive baby…it would be me,” she said in her video in Fiji. “I was either gonna to do hair or marry a rich old dying man. Those were my life plans, and now I get to be my own rich man.” Kenzie said she could come across a bimbo and take advantage of that by getting people’s help. This potentially flirty gameplay does sound like Parvati Shallow who played four times and won Survivor: Micronesia.

Survivor 46’s two-hour premiere is on Wednesday, Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. on CBS and is available for streaming on Paramount+Watch on Paramount+

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