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Surprise and amazement among the national team players after Montse Tomé’s first call-up

The stage of Montse Tomé as coach of the women’s national team has started with a controversial call in which they are included the vast majority of footballers who said they would not go to the national team until more notable changes occurred in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

That decision by Tomé seems to have caused surprise among the players, according to several media reports, since had not been previously reporteddespite the fact that the coach has repeatedly stated that she had held conversations with them.

As the journalist Andrea Peláez has stated, The players have been finding out about their own call at the same time as the rest of society, without time to decide what to do about it or plan their trips from their places of residence.

Jennifer Hermoso is left out of the Spain call:

Furthermore, the players They did not know the time at which they should be at the concentration this Tuesdayan important detail since this does not happen in the rest of the calls.

All this information differs from Tomé’s own statements at a press conference: “I have spoken with them but I am not going to reveal everything discussed because it falls within the professional relationship. I’m just saying that I have complete confidence in the players because I think that at the professional level we are surrounded by a group of incredible players. “We would have liked to start the concentration today but we are going to arrive well.”

The displacement, in the air

Apparently the players had not received any type of information about the trip to Madrid, which It is normally prepared by the Federation itselfwhose commitment is that the footballers arrive on time both for the call and to their clubs upon their return.

Furthermore, after learning of Montse Tomé’s call-up, the clubs were also surprised since Nor had anything been communicated to them by the RFEF.something also unusual.

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