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‘Summer House’ star West Wilson says Jesse Solomon and Danielle Olivera had sexual tension

“Summer House” fans nearly saw a hookup between Jesse Solomon and Danielle Olivera during Season 8, according to West Wilson.

“I think Danielle would f–k Jessie in two seconds,” the breakout star told Page Six’s Evan Real and Danny Murphy during Thursday’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” live taping at Chelsea Table & Stage in New York City.

“There was sexual tension there for like a hot second,” he added.

West Wilson told Page Six’s Evan Real and Danny Murphy Thursday that Jesse Solomon and Danielle Olivera had sexual tension during “Summer House” Season 8. Dave Allocca / StarPix
He said he was rooting for them to hookup. Dave Allocca / StarPix
However, he confirmed they never did. Dave Allocca / StarPix

Soloman, meanwhile, agreed that there was sexual tension for a “fleeting moment” and even recalled being drunk one night and considering making a move on his co-star.

“I was hammered drunk, lying on the couch and I was like, ‘Should I go with Danielle right now?’” he recalled. He ultimately decided against it because they’re good friends.

But Wilson, 28, admitted to Page Six that he would have loved to see a hookup happen “for the messiness.”

He also suggested that their fleeting moment of sexual desire occurred because they were beefing after Soloman, 30, ditched Olivera at a party and “wouldn’t make out with her.”

Soloman, meanwhile, admitted he felt sexual tension for a “fleeting moment.” Dave Allocca / StarPix
He also recalled being drunk one night and debating if he should hookup with his co-star and friend. jessesols/Instagram

However, Soloman confirmed she “never tried” hooking up with him and that he did not reject her.

Meanwhile, Olivera, 35, had a different kind of tension with another co-star while filming “Summer House” Season 8 — Paige DeSorbo.

During an April episode, the pair got into a disagreement after she questioned DeSorbo’s relationship with Craig Conover.

“I’m going to keep it real with you, I think you’re giving him nothing,” Olivera bluntly told her. “[Do] you actually think this is a forever guy? Or are you just this badass bitch doing your own thing and he’s really good for right now?”

Olivera has not publicly commented on the alleged sexual tension between herself and Soloman. Annie Wermiel/NY Post
Meanwhile, she has been clashing with co-star Paige DeSorbo. Annie Wermiel/NY Post
Soloman recently claimed the ladies’ feud reached a boiling point during the Season 8 reunion. BRAVO

DeSorbo, 31, later vented to castmate Amanda Batula about Olivera’s remarks and described her as “nutty.”

Soloman, meanwhile, recently teased that his co-stars got into a blowout fight during the “Summer House” reunion, which was taped earlier this month.

“Summer House” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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