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Sixteen arrests for alcoholism in one week

Andorra la VellaThe police have made sixteen arrests for one against collective security in the last week. It means a new rally with an average of more than two per day. The ages have been between 22 and 53 years, with rates higher than 0.80 g/l. The highest rate was 2.12 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.+

Among the positives there are three for narcotic substances in the blood alcohol tests. A 24-year-old man, who tested positive for toxic substances (THC, cocaine and amphetamine), had 94 grams of marijuana inside the car and 6 grams of cocaine were found during the search. A 47-year-old, with a rate of 1.80 g/l, positive for toxins (THC and amphetamine), also found 4.1 grams of speed and 5.6 grams of marijuana. And also a 19-year-old who tested positive for drugs, but was not carrying any.

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