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Six young people arrested, one of them a minor, in a brawl outside a nightclub

The recording of a neighbor with his mobile phone has allowed the National Police to identify and arrest six young peopleone of them a minor, who had participated in a brawl near a nightclub in Valencia.

The events occurred on the morning of Sunday, August 27, in a nightclub in the Patraix district, when CIMACC 091 received several calls that warned of a “large crowd of people“that they were attacking each other in the vicinity of the premises.

Several patrols went to the scene and managed to identify some of those allegedly involved in the brawl, differentiated into two groups. The agents gathered information from possible witnesses to the events to continue the investigations.

A National Police car after the stabbing of a minor in the Carabanchel district at the end of August

Most of those involved They had injuries as a result of the fightfor which they were treated by the health services at the scene, the National Police has detailed.

The recording taken by a neighbor with his mobile phone from his balcony has allowed the Police to fully identify the alleged perpetrators, as well as the “total clarification of the facts”, after analyzing the video file.

In addition, the agents observed how those involved in the brawl they rolled the belt buckles in their handsin order to simulate ‘American fists’ to tip blows with “greater virulence.”

Once identified, the National Police proceeded on September 12 to the arrest of six men between 17 and 23 years old -one of them a minor- and Dominican, Spanish and Senegalese originas alleged perpetrators of a crime of rioting.

The minor has been handed over to his parent after the examination was taken and after communicating the facts to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office. The other five arrested, of legal age, have been released after being heard in their statements, but not before being warned of the obligation to appear before the judicial authority.

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