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Six victims of trafficking forced into prostitution and drug use released in an operation that resulted in 10 arrests in Barcelona

The Civil Guardin collaboration with the National Police Within the framework of the Joya-Aguyje operation, it has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation and has released six victims who were under the control of the gang in the two brothel apartments, one in the town of Manresa, and the other in Mollet del Vallesboth in the province of Barcelona.

The operation has been completed with the arrest of ten people for alleged crimes of human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitationagainst the rights of foreign citizens, related to prostitution, against public health, against moral integrity and criminal organization.

The criminal organization recruited victims in South American countries, mainly Paraguaythrough deception, benefiting from their vulnerable situation and offering them promising living and working conditions. Other women were already captured in Spain using the same modus operandias reported by the Civil Guard in a press release issued this Tuesday.

Multiple crime in Toronto

The criminal network covered all the necessary expenses and procedures and, once the victims were under the physical control of the members of the criminal network, They took away their mobile phones and passports to later inform them that they had contracted a economic debt with the organization having to be satisfied with the execution of sexual services.

To do this, they had to be available 24 hours a day without resteven if they were unwell, to have unprotected sexual relations, suffer physical violence if the client required it and even to be recorded. The victims did not have freedom of movement, and the criminal network maintained tight control over them.

The women were confined in the two floors-brothels where they were overcrowded, without privacy and in inhumane and unhealthy conditions, the authorities have reported. Furthermore, on one of the floors they were monitored with video surveillance cameras.

In both properties trafficking in narcotic substances forcing the victims to encourage clients to buy cocaine and to consume it themselves forcefully if the service demanded it.

Police investigation

The criminal organization maintained a solid hierarchy with a cast of roles perfectly defined in relation to the collection, transfer and final exploitation. The address was shared between a man and a woman. The rest of the levels of the organization obeyed the instructions of the management, placing special emphasis on one of the members in charge of recruiting the victims, who took advantage of his knowledge as travel agent to inadvertently introduce them into national territory.

During the entries and searches carried out in the towns of Gavá, Manresa and Mollet del Vallés, more than 13,000 euros in cash, 18 mobile phones, a computer, 300 grams of cocaine, a hydraulic press used in the production of a narcotic substance and numerous documentation related to the exploitation of the victims. Additionally, agents have blocked 11 banking products, three vehicles and one property.

Closing of the floors

At the time of their liberation, the apartments used as brothels where they were exploited were closed, to later be assisted in full coordination and collaboration by the NGO “Fundació Apic-Acam”to meet the different needs that each of them could require.

The investigation has been directed by the Investigative Court No. 3 of Manresa and carried out by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Bizkaia and the Central Unit of Immigration Networks and Documentary Falsities of the National Police of Barcelona.

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