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“She was tired of so many evils and looked more defeated every day”

The sister of Maria Jimenezdied last day the 7th in her Seville native, has spoken about the artist, whose loss the family bears with joy despite adversity. “We are happy and we are doing well because she did not want sadness because she had quite a few in her life,” Isabel told Europa Press.

Isabel also spoke of her nephew, Mary’s only son, who took care of all the subsequent mourning and the organization of the funeral. The young man, 40 years old, lives in Toledo, but arrived in time to see his mother in Seville before he died. “Alejandro is also having a hard time because it is normal, but we are moving forward.” her son and I, although everyone loved her, a lot of people.

Their massive funeral and the thousands and thousands of expressions of affection they have received after María’s death have been surprise and happiness in equal parts. “It was a surprise, we didn’t think it would be like it was, “It is incredible the good farewell that has been given to her, it is what she wanted” Isabel confessed.

Horse carriage in which María Jiménez's coffin is carried.
Horse carriage in which María Jiménez’s coffin was carried.

And above all, Isabel has referred to the process of Mary’s illnessa lung cancer that she did not disclose and that took her from Chiclana to a hospital in Seville two days before her death, as she was already feeling very ill.

“Everything happened very quickly, but she was also tired of so many evils and looked more and more defeated. Wherever he is, he is with his daughter (Rocío, who died at a young age in a traffic accident), which is the important thing. at least for me”.

Despite the hubbub emanating from his sister, Isabel believes that Mary “was not happy. In his way he would be, until he was 30 years old he was happy, in his way he was very happy. But for me, no” Isabel admitted.

Therefore, although she knows that the public will remember her “singing with the turkey’s feathers and with all her songs and her things, of which she has a lot,” she, Isabel, will do so “with my sorrows, with my joys, with my fights with her… with everything, because I am not going to forget her. There’s the good and the bad, I’ll take it all,” she confessed excitedly.

ANDALUSIA.-Seville.- Massive attendance at the burning chapel of María Jiménez to honor a
The son, on the left, and Mary’s sister, in her funeral chapel.

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