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Sentenced to 19 months in prison for entering his ex-wife’s house to smell her underwear

The Provincial Court of Alicante has sentenced a man to 19 months and 15 days in prison for raid continuously his ex-wife’s house, located in La Vila Joiosa, in order to smell her underwear. In addition to acknowledging this fact, the 55-year-old also confessed having placed a recorder to record the conversations his ex-wife had with other people, as reported The Spanish Newspaper.

Initially, a sentence of five years in prison and 6,000 euros in compensation was requested, but after reaching an agreement with the victim, the crime was forgiven revelation of secrets. The accused pleaded guilty to a continuing crime of breaking and entering with aggravation of kinship and will have to pay a compensation of 12,000 euros.

The reported events took place in 2020. The man had entered, as on previous occasions, his ex-wife’s house with a set of keys that had duplicated without permission and he was discovered by a friend of hers, to whom he confessed that he liked to enter the home to smell his ex-wife’s panties. He also acknowledged that a year earlier he placed a tape recorder inside the home to listen to her conversations.

Building of the Provincial Court of Alicante.

Because the accused has no criminal record and the prison sentence does not exceed two years, the execution of the sentence has been suspended. The fact that the man has agreed to pay compensation and not to commit any crime again has also been taken into consideration when making this decision.

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