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Secret lives star Jasmin Voutilainen, 27, has died

Actress Jasmin Voutilainen has died.

Jasmin Voutilainen has died.Jasmin Voutilainen has died.

Jasmin Voutilainen has died. TIIA HEISKANEN

Secret lives actor known from the series Jasmin Voutilainen is dead. He was 27 years old when he died. The matter is confirmed to Iltalehte from Voutilainen’s close circle.

Voutilainen played the character of Aino Kaukovaara Secret lives in the series and based on the series Nightmare – The nightmare continues –in the film and the spin-off series In the saddle.

In 2018, Voutilainen competed in the Miss Helsinki competition, where she was crowned the first hereditary princess. He was also involved Martina and the lifeguards – in the second season of the series in 2015.

Voutilainen talked about his life on his Instagram account, where he has more than 79,000 followers. Voutilainen took a stand on various topics on social media, such as inappropriate messages received by public figures and appearance pressure. He has previously said in public that he suffered from severe depression.

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