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Scarlett Johansson returns with Jonathan Glazer 11 years after ‘Under the Skin’ and the result is overwhelming

Scarlett Johansson He has a filmography full of great performances, but perhaps none as radical and stark as Under the Skin (2013), the science fiction film Jonathan Glazer which is undoubtedly one of the fundamental titles of the genre so far this century.

11 years after that historic collaboration between Johansson and the director of The area of ​​interest, actress and filmmaker have worked together again on an advertising project. These are several spots for the firm Prada, of which the Hollywood star is the image, framed within the campaign Prada Galleria.

In the spots, a Scarlett Johansson with a washed face recites phrases from works by Shakespeare as Macbeth either Mark Antony and Cleopatra in a very close-up beautifully photographed in black and white. At the end of this kind of acting rehearsal, the actress leaves the studio, goes out onto a street soaked with traffic and noise, and gets into a car carrying one of the iconic Prada bags.

The campaign also includes a shorter version of the spot, lasting just 15 seconds, to highlight the promotion of the Italian brand’s line of bags.

Although Glazer is a fairly unprolific film director, with only four feature films in almost three decades of career, he began professionally in the world of music videos. (Blur, Marrive Attack, Radiohead) and is a regular advertising director who has worked for brands such as Guinness, Sony either Manzana.

We hope your next project after the multi-award-winning The area of ​​interest don’t delay, although the Brit has recently been the subject of criticism in Hollywood for his speech of thanks at the latest edition of the Oscar Awards, with only a few relevant voices daring to defend him publicly.

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