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Russia declares Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas wanted and captured

Russia declared this Tuesday in search and capture to the prime minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallasaccording to the database of the Ministry of the Interior, without specifying the reason that justifies the issuance of this order.

The Russian department has also included Estonian Secretary of State Taimar Peterkop on the wanted list, who has been charged with unspecified charges.

Kallas, 46, is one of the stronger voices within the European Union (EU) and of the NATO in favor of the supply of weapons to Ukraine and the tightening of sanctions against Russia.

Possible reasons

Although the Russian authorities have not made an official statement, sources cited by the Russian news agency TASS have pointed out that “a case has been opened against Kallas and Peterkop for the destruction and damage to monuments to Soviet soldiers (in the Baltic country)”.

The Estonian authorities began the dismantling of various soviet monuments in the country following the invasion of ukraineunleashed in February 2022 by order of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. The three Baltic countries have been especially critical of Moscow for its offensive.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry recently summoned the Estonian chargé d’affaires in Moscow, Jana Vanamelder, over the decision of the Baltic authorities to unearth the remains of Soviet soldiers from the Tallinn military cemetery without the approval of his family.

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