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RTVE shows “its rejection of the tone and content” of Inés Hernand’s Goya coverage and she responds

After complaints about to the language and attitude of Ines Hernand in the coverage of the red carpet of the Goya that was broadcast on RTVE Play, the public entity has issued a statement in which it distances itself from the “tone” and “content.” And, after this document, the presenter has not hesitated to speak out.

The content creator went viral on Saturday night for some of the situations that occurred on the red carpet of the gala, which was held in Valladolid. One of them was the uncomfortable attitude Salvador Sobralwinner of Eurovision 2017 for Portugal, when she asked him about Bitchof Nebula.

However, other moments were starred by her and have been widely commented on, such as calling the film “cannibals” The Snow Society, fervently greet Pedro Sanchez to the cry of “You are an icon, presi, we love you!” or expressions like “I’m sick to my stomach”, “I belched” or “I peed”.

Combo of photos of Pedro Sánchez and Inés Hernand.

After all the commotion, the RTVE Interactive Media News Council has spoken out to show “his rejection with the tone and content of the red carpet broadcast of the Goya Awards on RTVE Play by an external collaborator,” they point out, without naming Inés Hernand directly.

“As much as we want to give a casual, alternative tone and designed for a youth audience, we believe that any content that carries the RTVE brand must comply with quality and neutrality standards included in the RTVE style book,” adds the public entity in its statement.

“Apart from other more than debatable interventions throughout the broadcast (…), it seems to us that The flattering tone towards a President of the Government, whatever the sign, has no place on public radio and television, which belongs to everyone,” the document continues. “This Council will ask those responsible for RTVE Play for explanations and will report on them later.”

Hours after the publication of the RTVE statement, the Ines Hernand has spoken on X (Twitter): “I dedicate myself to entertainment and, honestly, I am glad to be fulfilling my role“.

Furthermore, he later shared a piece of other interviews where he taught that not only flattered and called “icon” to Sánchez, but he told him to a multitude of actors and actresses who walked the red carpet.

In fact, This same video has been published by the President of the Government next to the text “Inés Hernand, the icon is you“.

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