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Renée Taylor is set to celebrate her 90th birthday in style

90 is just a funny number

Comedienne Renée Taylor (husband was the late Joe Bologna) about her 90th birthday: “My last party, Red Buttons came late. He was at a Premature Ejaculators convention and would’ve had to leave early.”

Her party guests include Marlo Thomas, Elaine May, Joy Behar. Greetings came from Tyler Perry, Adam Sandler, Richard Lewis and Barry Manilow.

So she still working? “Please. I’m booked at the Wynn in Vegas for my 100th birthday, but who knows if they’ll be around that long.”

Someone else who won’t be around is Elizabeth Taylor. She left us long ago. She’s back again. May 14. 10 p.m. ABC-TV. Channel 7. The hour special is “Superstar.”

It’s early interviews, film clips, types who knew her, worked with her, romanced her or sold her jewelry. Fran Drescher, Dita Von Teese, Rosie O’Donnell recalled their dinners, Melissa Rivers’ mom Joan Rivers was a friend, George Hamilton’s on the list. Maybe Sharon Stone. And, naturally, me.

With Elizabeth’s chorus line of husbands — Hilton, Wilding, Todd, Fisher, Burton, Burton, Warner, Fortensky — question is: What shtick or trick might a next maybe follow-up lover have had to perfect to make it at least interesting?

Go-Go & see this

Big Apple Comic Con, New Yorker Hotel, March 25 & 26. Meet the Go-Go’s. Drummer Gina Schock and bassist Kathy Valentine. This all-female band’s “Head Over Heels” musical, about an Elizabethan royal family, played Broadway in 2018 for five months and just ended its six-week run in the UK. Comic Con tickets are available at: BigAppleCC.com.

Keri Russell in a scene from "Cocaine Bear."
Keri Russell in a scene from “Cocaine Bear.”
Pat Redmond/Universal Pictures via AP

That bear won’t shut up

I meant to tell you this before. I forgot. So forget I forgot: “Cocaine Bear” is in theaters. True story. 1985. A drug dealer’s plane somehow dropped stuff into a Georgia national park and near a real big black bear.

Keri Russell stars. Ray Liotta’s last film. Director Elizabeth Banks: “This critter consumed 70 pounds of coke. A super-powered bruin this high on cocaine wasn’t the problem. The humans were.”

Meet the new guy

The West Side’s Jerry Nadler just discovered NYC’s Upper East Side. Carolyn Maloney was its big player for 30 years until November’s redistricting chopped her and Nadler won that congressional district. So, if your doorbell rings, could be him. He’s now around shaking hands and making constituent house calls. Most exciting thing to happen to New York since de Blasio moved out.

Rep. Jerry Nadler has been introducing himself to his new constituents on the Upper East Side.
Rep. Jerry Nadler has been introducing himself to his new constituents on the Upper East Side.
Stephen Yang for the New York Post

Foods for thought

Mother is here to tell you a national mag picked picky eaters and selected each state’s best of the best snacks. Alaska, salmon. Arkansas, bologna. Pennsylvania, cheese steak. Connecticut, clam roll. Jersey, hoagie. New York, pastrami on rye. What you’ll do with this info, who knows. Just digest it.

Let’s don’t nobody knock the Oscars. A friend bitched: “I don’t recognize half these actors and I haven’t even seen most films.” Me: Consider this: The awards show’s the best sleeping pill since melatonin.

One more: Talbot’s — whose casual wear everyone loved — steadily sends one former charge customer a monthly receipt for 2 cents it says it owes her. So — want to know why it’s now closed?!

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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