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Rafael Puglisi, “the famous dentist”, dies at 35

The renowned dentist Rafael Puglisi He died last Monday, September 18 at the age of 35.

The doctor, known as “the famous dentist”, He lost his life in a fatal accident at his home, as his family has confirmed through a statement.

It all took place at the dentist’s house in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to the family versionthe young man He suffered severe head trauma after hitting his head on the bottom of the pool. The doctors tried every means to save him, but nothing could be done for his life.

“We are in mourning. This morning Rafa went swimming in the morning, as usual, he was at home getting ready to enter his pool and jump in, how he does it every day! But today, God wanted this dive to be different and Rafa ended up hitting his head! The doctors tried to resuscitate him, but unfortunately he arrived dead at the hospital,” were the words of his loved ones.

In addition, through their social networks they called for the celebration of the wake. Some of his most famous clients have attended there. Others, for their part, have wanted to leave messages of support, such as the soccer player Rodrygo Goes: “I can’t believe it. Rest in peace, brother.”

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