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Princess Diana Was Just as Tall as King Charles III, Despite What Posed Photos Suggest

Did you ever notice that Princess Diana, who was quite tall, often looked shorter than her ex-husband, King Charles III? It’s not because the king is particularly tall. In fact, he is substantially shorter than both of his sons and is shorter than his father, too. Princess Diana and King Charles III were actually about the same height. Candid photos prove it, but photography tricks were used to make him appear taller than his then-wife in posed photos. 

Princess Diana and King Charles III were about the same height 

It was obvious in candid photos that Princess Diana and her then-husband were roughly the same height. There are even candid photos in which Princess Diana looked substantially taller than King Charles III because of the shoes she was wearing. Still, when it came to posed photos, photographers used tricks to make the king look taller, according to the Sun

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