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Prince William would be “tired” and “stressed” due to Kate Middleton’s care and the cancer of his father, Charles III.

The British royal house is not going through its best moment, as far as health is concerned. Following the announcement that the king Charles III has cancer, There are several acts that have fallen on the Prince Guillermo, who was taking care of his wife. For this reason, the English media are concerned about the fatigue that the heir to the throne seems to show.

He duke of cambridge I was already focused on service Kate Middletonwho recently underwent abdominal surgery and is on leave. Furthermore, there was also taking care of three children What Jorge, Carlota and Luis have in common.

Therefore, it seems that all the commitments he has, together with the concern for his family’s health, They have him “tired” and “stressed”as pointed out The List. In fact, already on February 7 he attended the London Air Ambulance fundraiser and joked that he needed a break.

Furthermore, at that same ceremony, he appeared visibly deteriorated and even looked clearly sleepy. “You are under a lot of stress“, they assure from the middle SkyNews. “Clearly, you are not getting enough rest“.

Prince William, in March 2023.

The heir to the throne is friendly, both with those present and with the press, and continues with his agenda, which is joined by events that his father cannot attend now. However, “the prince has always made it clear that His priority at the moment is to support his wife and family.“, he assures The Daily Mail a fountain close to the royal house. “He returned to his duties last Wednesday, but we will surely have to wait to see him again.”

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