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Penn Badgley Got His Unusual Name From a Tennis Ball

Stage names aren’t uncommon in the entertainment industry. Some of the most successful actors have created names for themselves that seem to reek of star power. Meryl Streep, for example, was born Mary Louise Streep but has used her nickname throughout her professional career. However, other actors like Penn Badgley have a government name that seemed to imply that they were destined for stardom from the very beginning.

Penn Badgley | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

How Penn Badgley made a name for himself in the entertainment industry

Though Badgley was a child actor, he didn’t have stage parents. Instead, his mother encouraged him to try acting in order to make friends. At age 8, his family moved from Virginia to Washington state in the summertime. Because the actor’s family moved to the middle of nowhere, his mother encouraged him to audition for The Music Man at his local community theatre so he could have a social outlet. The Podcrushed co-host ended up loving performing and the theatre community, and at age 12, he and his mom moved out to Los Angeles so he could pursue acting professionally.

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