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Ozzy Lusth Said Sex Was ‘Painful’ the 1st Time He Returned From the Game

Survivor is definitely a show with some serious staying power — it’s currently in its 44th season. And while the $1 million prize money is a great incentive, being a participant can sometimes come with some odd side effects. In the case of former contestant Ozzy Lusth, that happened to be painful sex. 

Ozzy Lusth’s little-known side effects to adjusting to real life 

'Survivor' star Ozzy Lusth
Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Lusth | Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images

Lusth was on the island for 39 days, which is a long time to go without most basic necessities and traditional shelter. When he was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly in 2021 about his time on the show, he was asked what it was like coming back to “regular society” after his time in the wilderness.

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