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one arrested and two investigated after the seizure of eight tons of cocaine in the Port of Algeciras

Officials of the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax agency They have seized eight tons of cocaine which was in a container in the Port of Algeciras, in Cadiz. In this operation, the man who was going to receive this merchandise has been arrested, in addition to investigating two other people for these events.

As stated by the Tax Agency in a note, the arrest that took place on February 5 is among the majors carried out in Spain in recent years. It has been possible despite the novel concealment system that the criminal organization had devised to try to save the scanner review.

Also I know had designed a complex route for the transportation of merchandise, originating in the port of Paramaribo, in Suriname, with a stop at Algeciras and destination to Portugalto later return to Spain by highway.

The General Subdirectorate of Operations of the Department of Customs and Special Taxes of the Tax Agency, in the development of its control and risk analysis actions, was the one that warned of the possible container contamination when it was still en route to the Port of Algeciras, so that all the necessary operations were arranged for the opening of the container on Monday, February 5.

The eight detained for the murder of two civil guards arrived this Monday at the Barbate courts, in Cádiz.

He modus operandi used to try to circumvent customs controls involved using a port of origin in this country on the American continent, located next to French Guiana. In this way the 8,000 kilos of narcotics were hidden within a metallic structure Custom designed and built to fit inside the container and try to overcome the scanner’s control.

On the other hand, the planned route for this deposit was intended to make detection as difficult as possible. Thus, from Suriname he traveled to Panamafrom there to Algeciras, and planned to continue to Leixoes (Portugal), from which point it was going to be transported by road back to the Peninsula.

Dissipated the scanner signal

For the construction of the metal structure, the organization had used an alloy with which it intended dissipate scanner signalso that the declared merchandise, apparently a generator, was the only image that appeared in the inspection.

This is the first time this method of concealment has been detected. Despite this, when analyzing the image in the scanner a large number of merchandise neatly stacked on pallets, occupying practically all of the available space. At that time, it was thought that it could simply be legally traded merchandise that had not been declared.

Immediately, the Customs Surveillance officials proceeded to force the metal box, which It did not have any opening mechanism. and it was fully loaded with numerous packages of pills, bundles and bags.

Upon opening the container, the officers observed that this supposed merchandise was actually a set of pallets loaded with narcotic substance pills, turning out to be cocaine of great purity and weighing approximately 8,000 kilos divided into more than 7,000 pills.

The investigation remains open and so far three people remain under investigation. One of them, the person responsible for the reception in Spain, who has been arrested, and of the other two individuals, the one who was the owner of the company to which the merchandise was destined is being sought for his arrest.

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